Easy peasy banana bread

I discover the banana bread since I started work as pastry chef here in Uk. Ok, I knew the name and the shape before from other bloggers but I never really gave to much attention, not sure why.
Well, I miss a little bit. The banana bread it is now one of my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, with a layer of Nutella or peanut butter and you can carry on your day!

Pink smoothie

If you follow me on Instagram you should know that peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits! There are so beautiful to take a pic with but at the same time so juicy and tasty!

panna cotta what?

When I say "panna cotta" most of the time the answer here in Uk will be "what?".
Panna cotta it's one of the classic Italian dessert that you have to try at least once in your life. Milk, double cream and gelatin are the main ingredients, add your favorite flavors and your fantasy and voila' panna cotta will be in your fridge.
For this recipe I used blueberry yogurt as well to give an intense berry flavor and elderflower cordial (one of my favorite English thing!).

the polenta dish

If you say "polenta" in my Italian house they will think about a savory dish. Mainly something like a polenta mash and a strong tomato sauce on top with sausages and mushrooms everything homemade of course. I know that with polenta flour that basically it is cornmeal, can be use in so many different recipes in a savoury but also in sweet way.

A little treat

Ok, maybe I was the only person in this world that didn't know about rice krispies treats! I knew the cereal bars those you buy at the shop but definitely not that you can make them at home and that are super yummi and super easy!!

Sometimes I believed...

...as many as six impossible things before breakfast"
(Alice's adventures in wonderland)

Anyone can do impossible things if you believe in impossible things. But being imaginative takes time and a lot of trying. I definitely think I am an imaginative person, someone with the head in the clouds, maybe to much sometimes, but this helped me so much in my life.

In apple pie order

After almost three years here in England, I started have english habits (put vinegar on the chips, look to the right side when I cross the street and the very last one is eating porridge with blueberries for breakfast and completely forgot my croissant and cappuccino!).
So now I couldn't start my new english blog with a cake that is not very very english!