Ice tea

When in Rome here in England (!) it started to be warm I just miss my italian ice creams and granite and the evening walks in town so much. And one of the drink that was summer icon it was a famous brand peach ice tea. On tv the ad started at the beginning of June and ended just at the end of summer.
Even if I was a big fun of their tea I was sooo happy to recreate something similar at home to enjoy during my english summer.

Peach Ice tea

250g of sugar
4-5 ripe nectarine peaches
5 bags black tea  (or loose leaf tea)

Wash and cut the peaches in slices and put in a saucepan add sugar, same quantity of water and bring to boil . On low heat use a spoon to crush the peaches and cook until the sugar is dissolved
In the meantime boil a jag of water and make your tea, remove the bags from the water and refrigerate. The quantity of tea bags to use will depend on how strong you prefer it. 
To serve mix the peach syrup with your cold tea, add ice and fresh slices of peach.

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