What happened until now

Welcome in my little new space. I'm Martina, italian with polish origins. 
I am not new in the foodblog world (mainly in the italian one) with my old friend "Lamponi & Tulipani" blog. "Raspberries & Tulips" is his english alter-ego that couldn't keep himself in the "darkness" anymore!

So, what happened until now?
Martina moved from Italy to Holland and then to Uk. I am a psychologist, I worked as research assistant for a little bit unil I started working as pastry chef in south England. Photography and cooking is something always present in my little world and now that I kind of found my place in the world I needed my blog back again.

I hope you are going to enjoy this space, I'm getting ready with fresh ingredients, my tools and my camera.



  1. Ciao Martina, e così hai dato vita ad un nuovo angolo, diciamo internazionale! :) lo seguirò con piacere! in bocca al lupo! Silvia

  2. Ciao Silvia che piacere ritrovarti e benvenuta :)

  3. Ciao Martina! Che piacere ritrovarti in questa "nuova avventura"!