In apple pie order

After almost three years here in England, I started have english habits (put vinegar on the chips, look to the right side when I cross the street and the very last one is eating porridge with blueberries for breakfast and completely forgot my croissant and cappuccino!).
So now I couldn't start my new english blog with a cake that is not very very english!

When first arrived here, my first impression was really bad ("it's the worst city in the world!"). Sorry, people! Of course, I was wrong!
Little by little the things starting going better and then much better.
Now my life is here, in a city that I could never believe became "my" city.
I kept my luggage for weeks before and haven't the opportunity to have a spot for my cloths, for my dreams and everything had no order. But I met a lot of people that opened their door without even know me.
The people can make a difference.
I had no house, I changed 5 in less than one year, and then earned a home.
I've got a chestdraw now for organizing cloths and my dreams spot is a light-green box under the tv on written " you are my greatest adventure".

Old fashion apple pie


All butter pastry dough
 250g of plain flour
150g of cold butter
half teaspoon of salt
6-7 tablespoon of cold water
2kg of apples
50g of butter
25g of caster sugar
25g of soft dark sugar
3 tablespoon of plain flour
lemon juice
salt and cinnamon

Mix flour with salt. Cut the butter in little squares and add to the flour and mix until everything is crumbled. Add water little by little until the dough is nice but not too wet. Wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for one hour to rest.

Mean while peel the apples, slice them and add some lemon juice, Melt the butter in a pan, add the apples, then the sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt. Cook for few minutes.
Spread out the dough (I used a pie tin with 24 cm of diameter) and add the apples. Use the rest of the dough for the decoration on top. Add some sugar on top and put in a warm oven for 15 minutes at 200°C  and for other 20 minutes at 180°C until will have a nice golden brown colour.


  1. Oh my gosh, your photography is just gorgeous. That pie looks amazing! So very happy that you hopped over to Hostess At Heart so I could have the pleasure to seeing your beautiful work!

  2. Thank you Julie and welcome :)

  3. Che bello ritrovarti Martina, mi mancavano le tue ricette, le tue foto, insomma tu! Adoro la classica Apple Pie, trovo sia un dolce straordinariamente buono. La tua, inutile dirlo, รจ stupenda!
    Un abbraccio grande,