panna cotta what?

When I say "panna cotta" most of the time the answer here in Uk will be "what?".
Panna cotta it's one of the classic Italian dessert that you have to try at least once in your life. Milk, double cream and gelatin are the main ingredients, add your favorite flavors and your fantasy and voila' panna cotta will be in your fridge.
For this recipe I used blueberry yogurt as well to give an intense berry flavor and elderflower cordial (one of my favorite English thing!).

the polenta dish

If you say "polenta" in my Italian house they will think about a savory dish. Mainly something like a polenta mash and a strong tomato sauce on top with sausages and mushrooms everything homemade of course. I know that with polenta flour that basically it is cornmeal, can be use in so many different recipes in a savoury but also in sweet way.