the polenta dish

If you say "polenta" in my Italian house they will think about a savory dish. Mainly something like a polenta mash and a strong tomato sauce on top with sausages and mushrooms everything homemade of course. I know that with polenta flour that basically it is cornmeal, can be use in so many different recipes in a savoury but also in sweet way.

But if I think about "polenta" I think about at the very first dish that my English boyfriend cooked for me! Well, was really really good so sometimes still he prepare for me other version of the same dish and this one is one of that. Uh, did I tell you that he is a chef too? :)

Polenta with Mediterranean vegetables


100g dry Polenta 
900ml Vegetable Stock 
2 aubegines
cherry tomatoes
spring onion and garlic
double cream
olive oil, salt & pepper

Boil the vegetable stock with a pinch of salt in a large sauce pan. Once boiling, add the polenta. Stir constantly until the polenta thicken, and cooking for 25 minutes more o less. Add a splash of cream and grated parmisan, salt and pepper.
While the polenta is cooking, dice the aubegines and cut in a half the cherry tomatoes.
Warm up a pan with one clove of garlic  with some olive oil, add the aubegines, a splash of water, salt and origan and cooked until the get soft. Mix together with tomatoes and spring onion and cook few more minutes more.
Serve the polenta warm  with the aubegines on top and finish with some parmisan shavings and a drop of olive oil.

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