A little treat

Ok, maybe I was the only person in this world that didn't know about rice krispies treats! I knew the cereal bars those you buy at the shop but definitely not that you can make them at home and that are super yummi and super easy!!
What you need is basically three ingredients, but of course you can add a lots more: chocolate, candies, flavours (orange, lemon...)! Add a little bit of patience, just in mixing and voila'!
Well, it is not a lot to talk about this recipe, I leave here the recipe, just in case, that you are part (like me) of the little group of people that didn't know how to make rice krispies treats at home!

3 tablespoon of butter
300g of marshmallows
500g of Rice Krispies

Melt the butter in a pan and add the marshmallows. Mix well and add the rice Krispies.
When you will have a nice mix, pour everything when it's still warm in a oven tray (with baking paper on it) and leave rest in the fridge. When they are cold cut into squares.

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  1. Cara Martina, mi sa che siamo molto simili io e te in quanto a ritardi di apprendimento della ricetta delle rice Krispies bars! :D
    di barette ne ho viste girare tante, ma mai nessuna che avesse di base qst scherzetto/trucchetto dei marshmallows!
    Meglio tardi che mai รจ un detto che da me si ripete e si perpetua! E anche oggi non manca di farsi sentire! :D
    Buona domenica!