Pink smoothie

If you follow me on Instagram you should know that peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits! There are so beautiful to take a pic with but at the same time so juicy and tasty!
I use peaches in cakes, bake them with amaretti, in salads... but because the summer and the hot weather arrived also here in Uk I decide to use the peaches in a drink and well, that's how I became a peach and summer fruits smoothie addicted!

Peach, red berries and white melon smoothie

Ingredients (serves: 2):
4 doughnut peaches
100g of raspberries and strawberries
3 slices of white melon
frozen orange juice (*)
1 tbsp of honey (not necessary)

Peel the peaches and wash the red fuits. Put all the fruits in the blender and cover with the orange juice. Blend it. Add some honey if necessary and ready to serve.

* I keep in the freezer some frozen orange juice, but you can use just a fresh orange juice or frozen raspberries or add some ice cubes in your smoothie!

Enjoy the summer!

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