Sometimes I believed... many as six impossible things before breakfast"
(Alice's adventures in wonderland)

Anyone can do impossible things if you believe in impossible things. But being imaginative takes time and a lot of trying. I definitely think I am an imaginative person, someone with the head in the clouds, maybe to much sometimes, but this helped me so much in my life.

I think, for example, that how we start our morning can make a huge difference later in a day. Ok, I have to admit that I am not an early bird or a least I like wake up early but still taking my time and don't rush out from the bed! :) In this way I got enough energy to use during the day in the best way and my imagination can start working already from the bed.
Before moved to England, or maybe before I've met my English boyfriend, my usual breakfast was cappuccino and cookies but now I will choose between porridge, eggs on toast or granola!
Well, the granola it's for now my favorite choice and because of that I started make it at home, it's easy, quick and delicious! I am not a big fan of nuts so I just pic my favorite stuff and mix together, a scoop of Greek yogurt, fruits and drizzle honey on top!
So be imaginative and create your personal favorite granola!

Marple syrup honey granola

2 tablespoon of veg oil
125 ml of marple syrup
8 tablespoon of honey 
150g of oats
40g of sunflower seeds
40g of pumpkin seeds
40g of hazelnuts
40g of pistacchio
30g of flaked almonds
40g of dried apricots

Combine the wet ingredients (half of the quantity of honey) in a bow and mix well. Add the mix to the seeds (mixed together and roughly crushed) and mix altogether.
Pour in a big oven tray cover with baking paper and cook for 10-15 min at 180℃.
Give a mix and spread more honey on top and leave outside the oven until are completely cool down.
Keep in a jag for 1 month.

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